Our Toyota Landcruiser needed fuel but there was no one in Wembo-Nyama to help us.

Father Marcel Kilombo, Sister Harriet, Msgr. Peter Nugent, and I set out at 7:00 AM on July 19 for Wembo-Nyama, the first step on our trip to Emungu.  We were hoping to participate at the first Mass of Father Albert Shuyaka in his native village.  Our driver, André Omombo, said that we would refuel in Wembo-Nyama.  There are no filling stations there, but gasoline is available at the Catholic center and we hoped someone would be there to help us.  We were mistaken, however.  Everyone had gone to Emungu.

André captures the valuable fuel in a basin from a 50 gallon drum.

André needed a funnel for the gas, but there was none around.  He was able to wrestle the big blue drum of gasoline out of the storage shed.  With the help of a young man, André tipped the drum, removed the cap, and captured gasoline in a basin.  He then re-inserted the plug so that none of the precious fuel would be lost.  But he needed a funnel to get the gasoline into the Landcruiser, and there was none to be found.  Peter and I were no help, so we just strolled around, trying not to look concerned.

Paul, a seminarian, used a water bottle as a funnel.

Necessity is the mother of invention. André and Paul (a seminarian who was traveling with us) found a one-liter plastic water bottle.  They cut the base off the bottom, then wrapped a sock around the mouth of the bottle as a filter.  Using a green plastic cup, Paul drew gas from the basin and poured it into the bottom of the bottle.  La voilà — a funnel.  We were soon on our way again with a full tank.

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