People can participate in the work of Father Albert Shuyaka and the Diocese of Tshumbe through their donations.  Bishop Nicolas Djomo has asked the Catholic Foundation of Eastern South Dakota to help him.

The mission of the CFESD, based in Sioux Falls, is to advance the work of the church.  It does so with consideration for Catholic moral and social guidelines.

Through the foundation, contributors can process cash, credit card, stocks and other gifts. Checks should be made payable to the Catholic Foundation for Eastern SD and should indicate that the contributor wants the gift directed to the Diocese of Tshumbe or to Father Albert’s Congo Ministry.  One hundred percent of all cash gifts by check will go to the Diocese of Tshumbe.  For questions and assistance with gifts to the diocese, people should contact the CFESD at 888-246-3386 or visit its website (

This photograph was taken on the banks of the River Lokenyi, July 21, 2011.

  • Barb Buckmiller, Gifts Administrator
  • Catholic Foundation of Eastern South Dakota
  • 523 N. Duluth Ave.
  • Sioux Falls, SD 57104
  • (605) 988-3784

The CFESD will not charge for transferring cash donations from checks to the Diocese of Tshumbe.  It is the foundation’s way of supporting the ministry of Bishop Djomo.  For other gifts there may be a fee. For instance, with credit cards, the bank fees will be deducted from the gift.

Stock gifts may be charged a nominal fee (approx. $25) to cover the additional administrative work required.  The CFESD staff will explain this to donors at the time they are making their gift.  Give Barb Buckmiller a call at (605) 988-3784.

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